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Aurora Stone Necklace
Designed and hand-made by Karen Cater.

First found in Canada, Labradorite was believed by the Inuit peoples to be frozen fire from the Aurora Borealis. Its shimmering beauty in greens and blues perfectly reflects the spectacular Northern Lights and links the wearer to the heavens and the realms beyond. A magical stone that aids the seeker of spiritual wisdom, guiding self-discovery and awakening intuition and psychic ability.

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KNG4 Aurora Stone Pendant on
cotton thong and silver plated clasp
Price 19.50
click to enlarge, small variations may occur from the illustration

KNG4 Aurora Stone Pendant

Labradorite neutralises negativity, it calms and energises, aids respiratory and digestive disorders, lowers blood pressure and alleviates stress. An uplifting stone to bring back joy to those who feel overwhelmed by modern living, combatting feelings of insecurity and restoring self-confidence. Bound with silver wire forming little spirals, symbolising life itself, this is a unique piece of jewellery, a tiny stone of frozen fire from the Northern Lights. Labradorite; the Aurora Stone.



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