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Hedingham Fair is a (very) small family business set up by Karen and Colin Cater of Sible Hedingham, Essex in 1997, as a design studio and publishing company, principally a vehicle for Karen’s artistic skills and talents. Over time Karen has developed a substantial body of work: greetings cards, prints, T-shirt images, bookmarks and window stickers, as well as illustrating the books they both have written and published, and the annual Hedingham Fair Calendar of Traditional Customs.

Hedingham Fair occupies a very specific corner of the illustration spectrum, quintessentially English, but standing at the crossroads where folklore and historical culture intertwine with mysticism and the Old Religion. In the background there has always been, the land, its creatures and the passage of the seasons. Early offerings concentrated on folk customs, particularly at May time and the Turn of the Year. Discovery of The Green Man was to transform Karen’s cultural perspective revealing a much deeper mystical heritage underlying contemporary folk customs, and in a world often running parallel to the folk world coming together in the re-emergence of Paganism through Druidry, Asatru, Wicca and other Pagan pathways.

Karen’s greetings cards began to celebrate Yule, the Winter Solstice, the Eight Festivals of the Pagan year,the Ogham Celtic Tree Alphabet, the Green Man, and British Gods and Goddesses. Karen’s best knownT-shirt designs have included the Tree of Life, Pentagrams, The Wheel of the Year, Ravens, Herne the Hunter, John Barleycorn and several designs featuring the mystical Hare. Karen’s work also reflects her love of home and countryside: her cats, ploughing horses, hedgerow plants and birds and animals from field and garden. We care about the environment and our environmental policy can be found here.

Very early we realised the need for mutual support and interdependence. Much of our quality rests on the skills and friendship of our card and book printer and our T-shirt printer. We met our web designer at a time of great need. We’ve been blessed and privileged to work with other very talented, imaginative and insightful craft workers whose work we admire tremendously and whom we are pleased to count among our friends

As well as on this website, products offered by Hedingham Fair can be seen in our annual Mail Order Catalogue. Hedingham Fair cards, books, bookmarks, T-shirts and Window Stickers are available in a select number of shops. We exhibit regularly at folk festivals and Pagan events and are very happy to accept invitations to sing or to perform one of our ‘shows’ with songs and readings (The Spirit of the Hare, Wassailing, or the Ogham Celtic Alphabet) at folk or Pagan events; conferences or festivals, Folk Clubs or Moots.

Hedingham Fair, Sunnyside, Southey Green, Sible Hedingham, Essex, CO9 3RN      t 01787 462 731  e [email protected]