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About Karen Cater Prints
Editions of 100 Giclee Prints are personally signed and numbered by Karen Cater and cost 15 each

Some of these prints are of simple monochrome Lino-cuts (e.g. Hare Asleep and the Rookery).

Others are prints of mixed media images that start as lino-cuts which were originally printed using several different coloured inks, then after the initial pull, repeated without re-inking the block, giving a fainter image. I like the sheer strength of line and shape I get with lino-cuts, quite unlike anything that can be achieved with drawing, so I use the lino-cut almost as an under-drawing to provide the structure of the image. I then use water-colour washes to gradually build layer on layer until the subtle over-painting achieves the full-colour effect I am seeking (e.g. Dream of Velvet wings, Heralds of the Dawn, Dreaming Pool).

Sometimes I cut a lino block to provide a strong monochrome image which is then over-painted more simply (e.g. Angel Hare, Moongazing Hare, Winter Fireside).

Pen and Ink gives a more detailed, finer effect for the basic image, which can then be water-colour painted as before (e.g. Ogham Tree Wheel, Tree of Life, Wassailing the Apple Trees,
My inspiration comes mostly from the natural world; I spend as much time as I can walking, photographing and sketching in the fields and lanes around the countryside of North Essex, where I live. But it is the mythological and folkloric aspects of these subjects which provide another level or layer of understanding of what it is, as an artist, to be a part of this world, and this is what forms the basis of many of the designs represented here.

Karen Cater

Technical Information
All Hedingham Fair Limited Edition (of 100) Giclee Prints are of images created by and Karen Cater. Each is numbered individually and has been signed personally by Karen. Price 15 each.

Images are printed on superior quality watercolour paper, and are surrounded by hand-cut bevelled window mounts of heavy mounting board which are 2 inches wide. They are wrapped in thick cellophane and a provenance slip giving the edition number of each print is included. All paper & board used comes from sustainable sources.


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