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The Spirit of the Hare by Karen Cater £15.99

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Spirit of the Hare
The Spirit of the Hare by Karen Cater. For a long time Karen has been intrigued by the mystical Hare, springing up in visual images seemingly for centuries, from boxing hares by the light of the moon to the mysterious triple hare, the so called ‘Tinners’ Rabbits’ - everywhere there were Hares.

In the wake of her successful ‘Ogham Sketchbook’ (2007), Karen was determined to discover why hares have held such fascination for creative people and set out to explore their significance. Gradually she uncovered a rich seam of mythology drawn from all over the world, from earliest creation myths at the very dawn of time. Almost everywhere, the Hare is the bringer of light and, particularly in European traditions also symbolizes fertility. After the witch hysteria of the 17th century had died down the Hare became associated with bad luck, but its attraction has persisted in latter-day folklore and beyond into modern psychology. Legends came with stories, songs and images that spoke to the deepest parts of Karen’s consciousness. Where would they lead her? Her magical voyage of discovery unfolds through the pages of her beautifully illustrated journal.

Visit the hares that live in the fields around Karen’s home. Experience the changing seasons of their life and the changing fortunes and fashions that hares everywhere have endured over the centuries, but above all, discover the message that the hare has for us in the modern world; a message of hope and a promise of peace.

165mm square, 220pp approx. - £15.99

Book Cover

Luna Moon Hare by Wendy Andrew £8.99

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