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Publication Date Mar 2019
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A Little Celebration of the Green Man £7.50

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The mysterious Green Man is found in churches and cathedrals all over England, but who is this enigmatic character?

Is he merely a Christian decoration or is he an ancient symbol of fertility? What is his connection to the land and its rebirth every spring?

Karen Cater examines these questions and more in this charming little book, full of folklore, mythology, songs and her bold characteristic art.

Come with her on a journey to find the ever evolving Green Man; the guardian of the landscape, the gardener of the wild, protector and destroyer, with his eternal promise of balance and renewal.

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The Shortest Day £6.99

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Nearly everyone knows that the Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, and that it occurs on 21st December.

But how does this actually happen? What made our ancient ancestors first notice this phenomenon, then measure, record and predict it?
Discover the Neolithic temple observatories that were built as a focus for this event. Enjoy the Myths and Legends associated with the Winter Solstice. How did it become a celebration? How did people mark the Winter Solstice thousands of years ago and how has this festival inspired many customs and modern celebrations today?

This little book is stuffed full of fascinating information and wonderful illustrations - watercolours, linocuts, & drawings

An absolute gem of a little book

A perfect stocking filler or Yuletide present

ISBN: 978-0-9556475-7-4

Format: A6: 148 x 105 mm 64 pp.

Price £6.99. Available now

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Publication Date Mar 2017

Pagan Art, Folk Art £18.99

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Over the last twenty years, Karen Cater has become an artist whose work is much loved. ‘Pagan Art, Folk Art: Drawings, Painting and Lino-cuts’ charts her life from its very earliest beginnings (see Part 1). Equally if not more significantly,Part 2 of the book describes and analyses both her technical artistic development and her growing spiritual maturity as demonstrated through her art.

From the strong foundation of love for the countryside and natural world, and an equal fascination for the transience, yet recurrence of the passage of the seasons, Karen has evolved into an established artist whose work is identifiable by its integrity and subject matter, and who is known to thousands of people who own a piece she has created. Largely independent from both the ‘art world’ and the ‘commercial retail world’ Karen has created images admired by enthusiasts throughout the Pagan World and the Folk World, and often in the mainstream too. Over 600,000 Karen Cater pieces have been bought, worn or given as presents so far; the humble greetings card, the weekend t-shirt, the framed print, the books Karen has written - all give pleasure and have become favourites.

Karen’s art has a Pagan soul, mystical, but down-to-earth, encompassing the cycles of life and passage of the seasons, and deeply grounded in the landscape and wildlife, folklore and mythology of the British Isles. Here presented is the work of a lifetime, technically superb: these are designs that many have seen reproduced as cards, but which can now be appreciated in sumptuous large format illustrations as the real art they unquestionably are.

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The Spirit of the Hare by Karen Cater £15.99

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The Spirit of the Hare by Karen Cater. For a long time Karen has been intrigued by the mystical Hare, springing up in visual images seemingly for centuries, from boxing hares by the light of the moon to the mysterious triple hare, the so called ‘Tinners’ Rabbits’ - everywhere there were Hares. In the wake of her successful ‘Ogham Sketchbook’ (2007), Karen was determined to discover why hares have held such fascination for creative people and set out to explore their significance. Gradually she uncovered a rich seam of mythology drawn from all over the world, from earliest creation myths at the very dawn of time.

Almost everywhere, the Hare is the bringer of light and, particularly in European traditions also symbolizes fertility. After the witch hysteria of the 17th century had died down the Hare became associated with bad luck, but its attraction has persisted in latter-day folklore and beyond into modern psychology. Legends came with stories, songs and images that spoke to the deepest parts of Karen’s consciousness.

Where would they lead her? Her magical voyage of discovery unfolds through the pages of her beautifully illustrated journal. Visit the hares that live in the fields around Karen’s home. Experience the changing seasons of their life and the changing fortunes and fashions that hares everywhere have endured over the centuries, but above all, discover the message that the hare has for us in the modern world; a message of hope and a promise of peace.

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Publication Date Nov 2013

Wassailing by Colin Cater & Karen Cater £16.99

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"Wassail!" a drinking salutation from Pagan Europe was part of the English language before 1066. But what is the custom of "Wassailing"?

We trace its development from Medieval origins, when the Norse "Waes Hael!" ("Be healthy!") rang through courtly celebrations of the Twelve Days of Christmas, using ornate Wassail Bowls brimming with spiced drinks. From this came visiting and begging customs blessing houses and people, farms, animals and crops, and the ‘apple tree wassailing’ we know today.

By the mid twentieth century wassailing had declined and nearly vanished. Then a handful of ‘Wassail’ songs led folk enthusiasts to reawaken the ancient custom, researching it and with cider enthusiasts returning it to its heartlands of Devon & Somerset; Herefordshire, Gloucestershire & Worcestershire and Kent & Sussex. Since the millennium, ecology and sustainable food ideas have led to community orchards springing up, making wassailing part of their annual tree management cycle, until it has blossomed even in our cities, becoming widespread, with over 200 Wassails in 2013 and many more private ceremonies.

Wassails have a central core of activity based on the past, to spiritually encourage the trees to produce more fruit. This includes noise, processions, gifts to the trees and much drinking. Everyone does it differently, adapting the old ways with camaraderie and good fellowship.

Included in these pages are many wassail songs, the recipes for wassail drinks and cakes, but most fascinating of all, accounts by the very people who are intimately involved in the reawakening and organising of wassails all over the country.

Ogham Sketchbook

Ogham Sketchbook

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Ogham Sketchbook,a Diary of Tree Lore and Spiritual Growth

In ancient times our Celtic ancestors devised a system, part alphabet, part calendar / zodiac, able to be carved using simple notches on to wood or stone. Each character was both a number and a letter. The consonants were time periods - mostly lunar months and the vowels were the Solstices or Equinoxes. Each symbol represented a tree or a shrub, around which grew an extensive mythology, recording historical and religious stories, the uses of each tree for both craftwork and medicinally, and a divinatory system similar to the Tarot. To the Celts, the whole landscape was alive with both meaning and wisdom - the Wisdom of the Trees.

As an artist, Karen Cater has explored Britain’s native culture: its customs, folklore, mythology, mysticism and traditions.Discovering the Ogham, Karen was enthralled and set out to produce a series of designs based on each Ogham symbol.Working in harmony with the landscape she made a pilgrimage to each tree, finding most within a short distance of her home. With mind and spirit open, she kept a diary of her experiences. Where would the trees lead her? Her unique magical journey unfolds through the pages of the Ogham Sketchbook.


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