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Top (L to R):

Birch, 24th Dec - 20th Jan;
Rowan, 21st Jan - 17th Feb;
Ash, 18th Feb - 17th Mar;
Alder, 18th Mar - 14th Apr;
Willow, 15th Apr - 12th May;
Hawthorn, 13th May - 9th Jun;
Oak, 10th Jun - 7th Jul;
Holly, 8th Jul - 4th Aug;

Middle (L to R):
Hazel, 5th Aug - 1st Sept;
Apple, light half of year;
Bramble, 2nd Sep - 29th Sep;
Ivy, 30th Sep - 27th Oct;
Wheatstraw, 28th Oct - 24th Nov;
Blackthorn, dark half of year;
Elder, 25th Nov - 22nd Dec;

Bottom (L to R):
Scots Pine, 22nd Dec - Winter Solstice;
Gorse, 21st Mar - Spring Equinox;
Heather, 21st Jun - Summer Solstice;
White Poplar, 21st Sept -Autumn Equinox;
Yew, 21st Dec - Winter Sols (end of year)
Mistletoe, 23rd Dec - the most magical, the day of a year and a day

Price 2.50

Ogham Bookmarks


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Ogham Bookmarks To complement Karen Caters Ogham Sketchbook, Hedingham Fair has introduced a range of Ogham bookmarks. Each bookmark shows the relevant Ogham symbol, its dates and interpretation, and is beautifully illustrated with leaves, fruit and flowers of each sign.

A very unusual birthday gift
Bookmarks 7x 2ins 2.50 each

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